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Because of our proven legal methodologies and experience, we often are able to give  affordable flat fees for our services. John R. Tatone & Associates knows what to do, we keep abreast with the most recent cutting edge of resource technologies and know the timeline that it takes to get the project properly completed and executed for a successful case. See About Us

Our  seasoned successful experience, continuing legal education, technology, methods, and very affordable pricing (including flat rate pricing) sets us far apart from our competition. This is why we get repeat clients, referrals and a great reputation.

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John R. Tatone & Associates, PLC website is an informative legal resource for people all over Michigan. Please feel free to go to your topic of interest and find many updated answers to your legal questions  See tabs below           

John R. Tatone & Associates, PLC main law office (services for probate, trusts, wills and estate planning) is located in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. In addition to our main office, there are satellite offices in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties by appointment only. John R. Tatone has traveled throughout the state of Michigan to aggressively represent his clients regarding probate, trust and wills, estate planning and real estate law and more.

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John R. Tatone has 20 years of successful legal experience in civil law. A large percentage of his business are client referrals and word-of -mouth by people who have prevailed by the representation of John R. Tatone & Associates, PLC. See Testimonials

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