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Business Disputes:

Sometimes the parties sign a great contract and then suddenly, it all went south. If a business agreement is broken (or "breached") there is a different approach, now the matter is adversarial.

 Depending upon which side of the breached agreement you are on, litigation may ensue and then it may be an issue of enforcing the deal, minimizing the damage, or terminating the agreement and obtaining the damages suffered. In either event you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side to guide you through the intricacies of contract law.  

It is important to remember that the contract is only part of the process, there are procedural issues in Court, such as what city, county or state is the proper place and is district court, circuit court or federal court the proper location for this dispute? Although it is difficult to accurately predict the total cost of many cases, John R. Tatone has 17 years of experience that provides a basis to advise the client regarding what the cost may be and possible pitfalls so that the clients are informed and prepared for litigation or resolution. Finally, collection of any damages is crucial to fulfill the needs of the client.

 Many attorneys are simply concerned with winning, even at their clients’ expense, where John R. Tatone & Associates is mindful that the client is not interested with obtaining a pretty document, but collecting the money that is owed as well as minimizing the expenses incurred by the client. To charge a client the amount money that is at issue is a disservice to the client and the basis of the reputation of many bad lawyers. At John R. Tatone & Associates, we are ever mindful of providing great service at a reasonable price. By working efficiently and effectively at every step of the legal process, the clients at John R. Tatone & Associates, receive great service at reasonable rates.

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