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Q: Can an eviction attorney can save a landlord money?

A: Proper legal preparation in all real estate matters, including landlord - tenant leasing and renting protocols, is essential for reducing disputes in all stages of the full life cycle of a rental or  leasing agreement and throughout the occupancy of the real estate. Carefully crafted rental and leasing agreements is the foundation of strong binding legal protection for the landlord and rental or leased real estate.

Q: Why do I need a real estate attorney?

A: The federal and state laws change throughout time. It can be costly to any landlord if the following occurs: Not stay updated with current laws and regulations, a landlord can have problems evicting, run into non-compliant zoning, out-of-date maintenance problems, pay more in taxes and or other costs, or even get sued by your tenant (even if you win, the time, hassle and other costs of this type of legal issue can be avoided with the right knowledge, legal advise and preparation).

Q: Can an attorney aid me in qualifying new tenants for rental and leasing properties?

A: There are many different ways to qualify tenants. Databases, technology and simple diligent processes can eliminate many tenant issues regarding property damage, becoming redundantly past due on their rent or lease agreement, disturbing the peace among other neighboring renters/tenants.

Q: Why should an real estate eviction attorney draft or update a rental or lease agreement?

A: Rental agreements and leasing agreements should always be updated with any changing state and federal laws. State and federal laws change regularly and these changes can be unexpected. Legal knowledge is power and if it is not legally in writing a landlord may be taken advantage or leave themselves and their property unprotected and even perhaps open to a potential lawsuit. John Tatone, PCL attorney-at-law, is a real estate expert and one of his specialties is landlord-tenant eviction issues. Legally knowing what is legal and also what will and will not hold up realistically in court can save a landlord time and money.  This valuable experience of appearing in court regarding eviction issues several times per month and relationship with the court is priceless to his landlord clients.

Q: Why should you talk to a real estate eviction attorney?

A: It's free. To speak with John Tatone, PLC attorney-at-law, you may have a free phone consultation and you can share your landlord situation. Mr. Tatone can parallel his past legal experience in court and give you every legal option available to you with a realistic outlook of every possible scenario. The more legal information you have, the easier it is to know what the next step you should take to protect yourself and your property and overall, maintain a profitable rental and leasing business.

FAQ Landlord-Tenant Evictions & Disputes

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