John R. Tatone is an attorney committed to giving clients the service they expect and deserve. In addition to his successful track record, he works hard and prides himself on his excellent communication skills - Clients are never out of the loop throughout his legal services. He has instilled in his staff the values that make a great law firm - Client relationship, such as timely reliability, integrity, ethical values, hard work and continuing education regarding the ever changing state and federal laws. (Most attorneys do not partake in ongoing continuing legal education.)

There are some attorney and lawyers that seem to put their own interests before your own. That doesn't happen at our law firm. Whether it is a lawsuit for a $1,000,000 or a loan for $500. John R. Tatone will treat both clients with aggressive representation and never give up. Having a long list of clients and a strong success rate in many courts throughout the state, including the Michigan Court of Appeals ensures you the best possibility for success. See About Us

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